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Sep 1, 2023 - Oct 31, 2023

Money Mindset 30 Day Bootcamp

  • 61Days
  • 18Steps


Many of us are sitting in stagnancy and lack when it comes to finances right now. Are you feeling like you just cannot get ahead? Time to shift things up. we cannot call in money while living in a state of lack and/or being out of alignment. are you ready to call in wealth with ease??? Zen Momma will be guiding you through the healing and sharing all of her tools with you! 30 Day Virtual Bootcamp Entails: • Shift your beliefs about money • Clear and heal cycles & money based akashics • Learn how to call money in when working with Gaia • Money manifesting rituals • Understanding the energetics of money, release the fear and lack mentality • Access to Zen Momma for support during the Bootcamp & more!!!

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